Columbian Sites

It is impossible to escape those feelings when visiting the Monastery of La Rábida, at which location the discoverer Christopher Columbus planned his trip, safe in this refuge belonging to the Franciscan order. Built during the 14th and 15th centuries its Gothic-Mudejar style contrasts with the frescoes of painter Vazquez Diaz and is a key to understanding the Discovery that would change our perception of the world.

Very close to the monastery, in front of the Botanical Park José Celestino Mutis and at the mouth of the estuary of the Tinto river you can find, moored in the sand, en el Muelle de Las Carabelas, replicas of the three ships that discovered America: the caravels Pinta and Niña, and the vessel Santa Maria. All this in a unique natural setting that will make you feel a part of that glorious adventure.

Palos de la Frontera and a little bit further, surrounded by pines and strawberry fields, Moguer, will enchant you with their cultural heritage and hospitality, and offer you the opportunity to get acquainted with the environment where the details of this historical feat were conceived.

Except for reliving the Discovery of the Americas, walking around Moguer is also a moving experience due to the spirit and verses of its most famous ambassador, the Nobel-prize winner Juan Ramón Jiménez.

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