Medieval Town of Niebla

Niebla City, currently Western Andalusian cultural capital, was the main city of the unique county that existed in what we know now as the province of Huelva, called “Condado de Niebla” (Niebla’s County) around the 14th century.

Knowing the History of this place in the peninsula is going in depth into the only city of Huelva that possesses more than two kilometers of an Almohad walled enclosure that closely protects Niebla’s “Castillo de los Condes” (Count’s Castle) (15th century), Santa Maria de la Granada’s Parish Church built on top of the andalusí style Aljama de la Labla Mosque, the ancient Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles Hospital, architectural jewel from the VIth century, and the remains of a very special building, San Martin Church (15th century) where the façade and the apse are separated by a square.

Niebla is a welcoming city; it is friendly with its visitors, as well as hospitable with travellers, warm during any season of the year. However, summer is the best season to visit it and enjoy its remarkable Theatre and Dance Festival, altogether with November the 1st “Tosantos” (All Saint’s Day), when the city travels backwards on time and it turns into the Middle Aged Niebla.

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