National Park of Doñana

A wild world of spectacular nature and light await you in the live diamond that is Doñana, a diamond cut every day by the luminosity of our Atlantic and the fresh water of the R’o Grande. Every day, because Doñana is live light that permanently becomes marsh, lagoon, river, beach, reserve and town: a magical place that enchants all your senses..


A biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, Doñana is an organic mosaic whose beauty has been witnessed by Tartessians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Analusians - ancient civilizations that left Doñana with their ancient wisdom, mythical oxen and mares of the breeze that shepherds the town of Almonte.


Doñana, a wetland for migratory birds from Africa and Europe, has skies with imperial wings, lagoons that are nests, and mangers throughout marshes and live dunes where the çnsares roost at the break of dawn. Doñana is so splendid, so gorgeous, that as soon as you approach her you can feel her magic.

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